Tally ERP Gold – Accounting and Inventory ERP Software Kuwait

Tally Accounting and Inventory ERP Software in Kuwait
A complete business management Software

Tally Prime Gold
comes with unlimited multiple users for multiple PC using a LAN environment. With Tally Prime Gold Multiple Users can work at the same time.

Tally Prime Gold (Multi User)
1. Accounting
2. Inventory
3. Sale & Purchases
4. Payroll

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Tally ERP – Accounting and Inventory Software Kuwait

Tally Prime Silver – Multi-User

(Multi-user for Multiple PCs)

Where more than one computer needs to have access to Tally Prime, a Gold edition is what you need. Any number of users can simultaneously have read and write access. Note, that there can be some degradation of performance with a large number of users and we have found that the Gold edition is usable with a maximum of ten users.

Like with Silver you can manage as many companies (business entities) and personal books of accounts as you need.
You may also create as many users as you need, and provide each with the appropriate level of security.
With Remote Access, you can authorize access to your Chartered Accountants, who with their Tally Prime – Auditors’ Edition, can remotely provide audit, compliance and advisory services.
Similarly WABCOM team can help you via Remote Access, answer your queries and provide support.

As a Gold user, you can create ten TSS identities, with which your mobile users can login to your system from home or while on the move. Other users of Tally Prime can also grant access to you by authorising these TSS identities.

Tally Prime Features :

  • Professional Invoices
  • Flexible Purchase & Sales Management
  • Multiple Billing Format
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Inventory Management Advance Features
  • More than 400 business reports
  • Credit & Cash-flow management
  • Banking Features like Auto Bank Reconciliation & Cheque Management
  • Remote Access
  • Cost Control & Profit Center Management
  • Enhance Security with Tally Vault
  • Payroll Processing
  • Multiple Companies
  • Data Backup & Restore

About Tally Kuwait:
Tally Kuwait started in 2010 as Master Tally Partner in Kuwait. We are giving all Tally software solutions, Tally customization with the best tally software price through online and to end customers.